About Us

Badlands Strategies is a progressive strategy firm specializing in collaboratively designing, implementing, and managing programs to address short-term needs and achieve long-term goals through a process of Dynamic Planning. Typically we focus on the areas of donor advising, program development, coalition management, and fundraising. 

Badlands Strategies most frequently applies the Dynamic Planning process to address needs related to coalition management, complex project management, fundraising, candidates and campaigns, organizational planning, and program development. Current and previous clients include high net worth individuals, campaigns, nonprofit organizations, and corporations. 

Based in Kalamazoo, MI, Badlands Strategies works throughout the Midwest and with clients nationally.

What is Dynamic Planning?

Dynamic Planning is a process that responds to the unique environment the client faces while assessing current needs and resources, creating and integrating growth-oriented programs into existing strategic plans, and finally implementing and evaluating the strategy. Concurrently we bring to bare a team of creative and professional experts to bridge the gaps of where the client is and where the clients want to be.

Dynamic Planning also incorporates some of the core values and beliefs shared by the founder and employees of Badlands Strategies. These include:

  • Producing cutting edge, interesting, and engaging results
  • Emphasizing systemic, foundational change for our clients
  • Taking risks on unconventional campaigns and unlikely projects
  • Supporting issues we believe in
  • Building relationships and community through a collaborative, sustainable process

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T: (269) 290-1427  |  info@badlandsStrategies.com