Remembering 12,000 Right To Work Protestors

One year ago, Badlands Strategies was hired to organize the protest against the Right To Work legislation. Over 12,000 people attended.

Michigan, Meet Tom

Badlands Strategies helped produce this cutting-edge, educational video for the Unity Michigan coalition. 

31 Michigan Cities Adopt Nondiscrimination Ordinances

Unity Michigan hired Badlands Strategies to pass local nondiscrimination ordinances. In 2013, the number of Michigan cities with LGBT inclusive ordinances grew by 10 - more than any other state.

Kalamazoo Community Foundation Launches Revitalization of Equality Fund

The Kalamazoo Community Foundation hired Badlands Strategies to revitalize the fund. Working through a collaborative process incorporating focus groups, independent research, and the Dynamic Planning process, the Equality Fund is positioned for significant growth.

Badlands Strategies Propels McCormack to Victory

Working hard for our clients is its own reward, but we don't mind if someone else notices.

Badlands Strategies: Winning Campaigns the New Way

Many questioned our daring plan to spend heavily on new, cutting edge tactics...until they saw the results.

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